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Young children can easily get excited and lose control of themselves and their behavior. They improve in this area as the year progresses, but it takes procedures and high expectations from the teacher in order to achieve this growth.

When I taught this lesson, it was about half way through the year. The kids were maturing and getting better at managing themselves and reminding each other of appropriate behaviors while working in the classroom.

The way I organized this experience was supportive of the kids growth in self-control when set off on their own. I provided them with a specific amount of time as well as floor partners who serve as accountability partners. They are charged with helping each other maintain appropriate behavior when exploring in the classroom.

I also set specific rules and consequences for all classroom experiences. In this case, the kids had to return within in the allotted time of 20 seconds as they had time on the floor to decide what they would get and bring back. They also had the expectation of walking quietly and respectfully. Anyone disregarding these rules were asked to sit at their table and forfeited their opportunity to share what they selected and why. These rules and procedures were perfect because all of my kids got their item and returned in the allotted time without incident and did an excellent job maintaining self-control.

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Where Has All the Wood Gone?

Unit 5: What WOOD you do?
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT identify objects made out of wood by going on a hunt around the room.

Big Idea: Young children often confuse what objects are made of and this lesson helps them zone in on objects made of wood.

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where has the wood gone
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