Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Playing "A-Round" with Circular Motion - Section 2: Brainstorm Situations Involving Circular Motion


3 minutes is too much time to spend on the brainstorming aspect of the Buzz Group activity. After about 1 minute students exhausted examples of object that move in a circle and they lost focus on the lesson. I tried out 1 minute with another class; that was the right amount of time for the brainstorming part of the activity.

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Playing "A-Round" with Circular Motion

Unit 2: Forces in Two Dimensions
Lesson 6 of 16

Objective: Students will explore the causes of circular motion using household items and Newton's Laws of Motion.

Big Idea: Uniform circular motion on an object happens when there is a net force acting towards the center of the circle.

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Circular Motion, Science, Physical Science, Newton's Laws, centripetal force, physics, Forces
  50 minutes
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