Reflection: Checks for Understanding Climate Change and the Greenhouse Effect - Section 4: Day 2: Elaborate


When students finally get an answer all the way right, there’ a temptation to respond by saying “good” or “yes”, and leaving it at that. Just as often, though, the learning can and should continue after a correct answer has been given. So it’s great to remember to respond to right answers by stretching, or prompting students to answer a different or tougher question.

This technique yields two primary benefits. First, by using stretching to check for understanding, you avoid falsely concluding that reliable mastery of material has been achieved. Second, when students have indeed mastered parts of an idea, stretching lets you give them exciting ways to push ahead, applying their knowledge in new settings, thinking on their feet, and tackling harder questions.

An easy and useful way to stretch understanding is to use "Why?" and/or  “What if?” questions. (So you just said…. Why?... Well, what if….?)



  Stretching Questions
  Checks for Understanding: Stretching Questions
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Climate Change and the Greenhouse Effect

Unit 4: Enivronmental Science
Lesson 10 of 15

Objective: SWBAT explain the relationship between the carbon cycle, the formation of greenhouse gases, and the effect on climate.

Big Idea: While our planet relies on the greenhouse effect in order to survive, increased formation of greenhouse gases are causing our global climate in change in a way that way hinder our quality of life.

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