Reflection: Homework Adaptations: Research and Summarizing Traits of the 5 Vertebrates - Section 3: Wrap Up: What Have You Learned About Small Research Projects and Summaries?


 One of the things that is both a good thing and a bad thing is that students can get immediate feedback from you right from home. The problem is often related to expecting the feedback immediately. So I have set up guidelines so I am not teaching all night!

I always tell them I will do as many as I can in 45 minutes and they need to be submitted before 5 pm. That way, I am not working too late. Students submit work, I comment, often use the "Suggestion" tab which makes them accept the suggestions. This helps the young writer tremendously and creates a feeling of support, nurturing a level of comfort and fluency. That's what we want! Mastery of standards! I want my students to love writing. 

The next day, students had completed their work. Most were successful! I could clearly see those who still needed support in forming short and concise sentences that made sense. Some summaries were one long run on! We are getting there!

  Teaching Writing From Home
  Homework: Teaching Writing From Home
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Adaptations: Research and Summarizing Traits of the 5 Vertebrates

Unit 7: Animals: Structures and Processess
Lesson 4 of 13

Objective: Students will learn to summarize their research by using a gathering grid and writing skills.

Big Idea: This second part of the lesson helps students learn to use their gathering grids to summarize the traits of the 5 vertebrates effectively and thoroughly.

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Science, Vertebrates, Integration of Technology, Small Research Project, Summaries from data, Writing skill, Google Doc Usage, editing, adaptation, structures, adaptations of animals, animal
  65 minutes
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