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As a veteran educator, I have found that it is crucial to know your students, and the level of parent engagement when assigning homework.  Many of my students did not have their artifacts.  Unfortunately, many of my students do not have access to home computers.  I knew this going in, and thought their would be time built in the beginning of the class for students to conduct research.  That was not conducive to what needed to be accomplished.  I spent much of the period calling parents to let them know their child did not have their homework.  I wanted to set precedent early on the importance of having what is assigned.  Later in the unit you will read my true philosophy on homework, and what I have found that really works.  For this reflection, my main tidbit is to assign tasks that are able to be accomplished and brought back. 

  Know your students when assigning homework
  Adjustments to Practice: Know your students when assigning homework
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Can We Talk?

Unit 1: Introduction to Mathematical Investigations
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT- Solve a mathematical task, interpret student dialogue, reflect and compare other student dialogue to the dialogue they used to solve the task.

Big Idea: Students will use their investigative skills to interpret student dialogue and compare their own dialogue used to solve a task.

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