Reflection: Lesson Planning Studying Our Earth Day 1 - Section 4: Doing The Research


It is important for students to know what they are heading for if they are going to be able to reach the target. For this project, I wanted to take the time to show students both the process and the result before they completed all of their research. I used presentations from past years to show students that this is what they will do with the research they gather.

Some of the students chose to highlight the information and then transfer it to a research page. Others copied the information from the sources to their research pages. Both groups then had to make sure that they tried to use their own words when they wrote the presentation (a difficult task for second graders). 

By giving students a visual of a finished product before they started, they were more ready to gather the information that would be best for a presentation.

  Knowing Where You Are Going
  Lesson Planning: Knowing Where You Are Going
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Studying Our Earth Day 1

Unit 7: Science and Our World
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: SWBAT identify and research one natural event that changes the face of the earth.

Big Idea: Students are fascinated by volcanos, earthquakes and tornados. They will research how one of these can change the face of the earth.

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