Reflection: Standards Alignment Solving Percent Problems (Day 2) - Section 2: Solving Percent Problems


I chose 2 problems to explain.  These problems proved to be the most difficult for students and at the time, for me too.  I felt it would be good to see a possible solution to better help with teacher facilitation. 

For the first problem, I was only able to find one solution.  This would be a great problem to implement practice 3 to see if there were other possible solutions and justify why they were correct. They could make a table of numbers that were divisible by 5 (because 100/5 = 20% discount) to see if any other numbers would work for this situation.  This problem needs a lot of teacher direction. 

For the second problem, the students needed to have an understanding of squares and rectangles.  It would be a good idea to activate their prior knowledge to insure their understanding of the problem. 


  Standards Alignment: Problems Explained
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Solving Percent Problems (Day 2)

Unit 3: Ratios and Proportions
Lesson 24 of 25

Objective: SWBAT solve percent word problems.

Big Idea: Solving percents using real world scenarios

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