Reflection: Checks for Understanding The Science Game Show - Section 2: Creating the Questions


When the students created the questions I used them to assess their understanding of the topics we had learned this year. My expectation was that each student would create at least 1 meaningful question for each topic, habitats, scientists, environment, land forms, and materials. 

I looked at the questions to see what types of things the students asked. If their question touched upon a topic we had studied, such as "name 3 land forms", or "what would a marine scientist study?" or "What does a scientist need before he begins to study something?" I felt that students were leaving the year with a workable beginning science knowledge. If students wrote, "does an animal live on a landform?" I felt that there was not a clear demonstration of what a landform really is. 

I scored student understanding of the underlying NGSS concepts by reading their questions and answers. I then listened as the students attempted to answer each other's questions, to further assess understanding. 

  Using The Questions to Assess Student Learning
  Checks for Understanding: Using The Questions to Assess Student Learning
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The Science Game Show

Unit 7: Science and Our World
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Objective: SWBAT recall things they have learned in science over the year in second grade and to write questions and answers to share with their classmates.

Big Idea: Students love games and this lesson allows students to create and play a game that will assess their retention of science concepts from second grade.

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