Reflection: Checks for Understanding Ray of Light - Section 3: Assessment


When I taught this lesson in my room, I used a cat instead of a sign for scenario 5.  This was difficult for my students because children at this age have seen so many cat eyes shining in the dark that they aren't ready to let go of their belief that somehow the cat is serving as a light source, and the anatomy of a cat eye went beyond the scope of this lesson.  When I collected science notebooks, I found 4/5 drew light coming from the cat's eyes into our eyes.  I revised the scenario to get to the essential idea that we are able to see something if it produces light, or light is reflected from it to our eyes.

Because this was a representative sample of the class, I knew I had to clarify this idea, not just mark them wrong and move along.  I did this by focusing on the question of where the light source was, and how did it travel in order to meet our eyes.

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  Checks for Understanding: Did the learning transfer?
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Ray of Light

Unit 7: Light, Waves, and Data
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Objective: SWBAT describe how we perceive things through sight by explaining how light is reflected from an object into our eye.

Big Idea: How can we model how we see things?

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