Reflection: Joy Egg Drop - Section 2: Warm Up


Open Ended Demonstration to Build Excitement 

I begin the lesson by demonstrating the egg drop using 3 eggs on paper towel rolls as a way to get students excited about the lesson.  We do not spend time discussing the set up of the egg drop or how it works, I simply ask them how I could get the eggs into the cups.  I am not worried about students using the proper science vocabulary, just saying "hit the tray" is enough.  By not getting into the science behind it, I am tricking students into believing that this is just a fun activity, not related to academics.  Once they have seen the eggs fall into the cups and not break, they want the chance to try it and are very eager to get that chance.  

Once the excitement is built up, I begin relating it to science.  Now I expect students to use the proper vocabulary and stop during our discussions to make sure they understand the proper terminology.  For example, when students are asked what is keeping the egg from moving in the beginning, groups tell me the paper towel roll is holding it up.  That is correct, but I really want them to understand that the paper towel roll is applying a force to the egg which is equal to that of the force of gravity pulling down on the egg.  Our discussions get more detailed, building on the previous discussions, until students are able to explain how forces impact each motion of the egg throughout the activity.  

By starting the lesson with the demonstration, students minds are set on the "wow factor" of the eggs dropping in the cups and not breaking.  They don't even realize all of the connections to forces and motion that are being made.  They don't realize all of the practice they are getting hearing and using the vocabulary because they are excited and want a chance to try the egg drop.   

  Open Ended Demonstration To Build Excitement
  Joy: Open Ended Demonstration To Build Excitement
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Egg Drop

Unit 4: Motion, Forces and Interactions
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Objective: SWBAT describe all of the forces acting on an egg throughout an egg drop activity.

Big Idea: Students describe the forces that act on an egg as they try to push a tray out from under it, and get it to land in a cup of water.

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