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Inquiry learning and teaching is based upon a continuum.  The ultimate goal is to have students leading their own investigations and guiding themselves through their own learning.  This is the true sense of inquiry. 

In teaching, not all lessons can be inquiry based.  There are instances when students must have direct inquiry lessons taught to them in order to learn specific skills they can take at a later time and utilize themselves independently.  In other lessons, teachers begin lessons and help to guide students with simple "hand-held" inquiry lessons that gradually release the learning and ownership of the lesson.  

This lesson had a question posed by the teacher, but the students took the lead and the ownership of all the investigation of the question.  

  The Continuum of Inquiry
  Student Led Inquiry: The Continuum of Inquiry
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Not All Leaves are Equal

Unit 8: Unit 8 - Rain Forest
Lesson 9 of 11

Objective: SWBAT observe leaf specimens and discuss plant adaptations for survival.

Big Idea: Students see leaves on trees and do not take time to wonder why the leaf is designed the way it is. This lesson allows students to look closely at two different types of leaves and make comparisons with those observations.

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Science, Photosynthesis, ecosystem, Predation, rainforest, soil
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