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 The students were engaged in a learning environment that was cooperative, open, productive, and enriching because all the children were interested and engaged in the learning.  There was a lot of excitement and learning.  The students were actively engaged as they learned how the height of the ramp effected the distance the toy car traveled while being engaged in the scientific method and science process skills.

  The students were engaged.
  Student Ownership: The students were engaged.
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Cars and Ramps

Unit 11: Cars and Ramps
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT investigate the effect that the height of a ramp has on the distance a toy car will travel.

Big Idea: Junior Scientists recognize how gravity acts on the distance the toy car travels down an incline plane.

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Science, Physical Science, friction, Motion, force, cars, distance, ramps
  40 minutes
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