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My students  were actively engaged in this activity. They worked collaboratively to complete their investigation. They were able to see very quickly how surfaces affect the way the toy car traveled down the ramp. They understood that some things stayed constant (surface and the car) and changed (distance) in their investigation.  They also understood how scientist used the metric system to measure. This investigation made the students more relevant.  As students continue to work like scientists, they will have a better chance to major in math and science careers.

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Surface Surfers

Unit 11: Cars and Ramps
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT investigate what effect the surface type has on the distance the toy car travels.

Big Idea: Junior Scientist recognize that friction affects the force needed to move objects.

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Science, Physical Science, Motion, friction, cars, ramps, Surface type, force, distance
  55 minutes
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