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This engineering design activity allowed my students to extend their thinking beyond play time. The legos allowed my students to be engaged in a hands-on experience where they learned how to work like a structural engineer.  The students collaborated in groups to think about how to design a car. This lesson encouraged students to think outside the box as they worked collaboratively to design a Lego car. I was amazed to see the students think critically and creatively.

  We are problem solvers!!
  High Expectations: We are problem solvers!!
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"Let go of my Lego"

Unit 11: Cars and Ramps
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT use the engineering design process to a create Lego car.

Big Idea: Junior scientists use their imagination to create a Lego car. This investigation allows scientists to see that they can put items together to create some new product.

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Science, Physical Science, Motion, cars, Lego, engineering design, force, distance, ramps
  40 minutes
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