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Allowing the students to choose how to convey information about the muscle they have chosen is helpful because it provides them with ownership over the product and gives them a chance to showcase their talents.  

Some of my students like to draw, others prefer not to. For this activity many students chose to use Google Docs, which proved to be a great way to hold students accountable for their work. In looking through the revision history, I could see exactly which students were responsible for the various contributions on the page. The use of technology also facilitated the students' research and ability to double check the information they had previously written about the muscle they selected.

  Using Technology for Accountability
  Accountability: Using Technology for Accountability
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Muscle Review

Unit 7: Body Systems
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT review the types of muscles and their functions.

Big Idea: Use this lesson to help reinforce students' understanding of the muscular system.

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Science, muscular system, muscle, digestive system, Respiratory System, body system, Endocrine System, Integumentary System
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