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Using the iPads for doing a scavenger hunt type lesson really changed how I deliver a lesson on a typical day.  Since we did something a little bit different than our norm, the students are much more engaged.  I find it difficult sometimes to differentiate my instruction to make it interesting for some students and to get them engaged.

I had recently attended a conference where they had the adults use QR codes to complete and activity.  It got us up and moving out of our seats and I decided to try it with my kindergarten students. 

They were able to move through this lesson with ease.  However, it took quite a bit of practice on both parts.  I had to practice making QR codes and then had to teach the students to use them.  There was some prep involved as well.

At the end of the lesson, I felt that all students were more engaged and the lesson reached all learners.

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Unit 5: Simple Machines
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: Students learn that the lever is a simple machine that was invented in prehistoric times and is used for many different jobs by going on a scavenger hunt around the classroom.

Big Idea: Levers are all around us and we use them every day.

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Science, Science Skills, machines, physics
  45 minutes
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