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I have included a spot that is very thorough, clear, well organized and has great detail in the steps. From the initial look, I would have thought this poster was a perfect example of what I was looking for.  However, only step 1 and step 2 touch on the plant needs concept.  So this is a great piece for the ELA portion but not complete for the science criteria (as far as plant needs).  The students did do a great job with sharing their diagrams and observations/notes from previous entries and their experience in the garden.  

Please note that these are unedited posters.  Since this was an "assessment" I didn't require a pre-write or a 1st draft.

  Performance Tasks: Evaluating Work
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Plant Posters

Unit 5: The Plant System and the School Garden
Lesson 15 of 15

Objective: SWBAT use their experience in the garden and notes from their science notebooks to create an informational poster on how to plant crops in the garden.

Big Idea: To finish off their garden experience, the students will create a informational poster about planting a garden. The poster will combine the steps in the planting process while highlighting how plants meet their needs.

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Science, plants, inform, 1st Grade, garden, writing to inform, leaves, seeds
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