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I have been working on getting my students to focus on detail and clarity with their notebook entries.  I want them to view their science notebooks as tools rather than assignment books.  By allowing them to use them to help with this task, it helps reinforce this hope and also allows them to see how great entries can be used as a resource.  

  Using Previous Entries
  Writing Across the Disciplines: Using Previous Entries
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Plant Posters

Unit 5: The Plant System and the School Garden
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Objective: SWBAT use their experience in the garden and notes from their science notebooks to create an informational poster on how to plant crops in the garden.

Big Idea: To finish off their garden experience, the students will create a informational poster about planting a garden. The poster will combine the steps in the planting process while highlighting how plants meet their needs.

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Science, plants, inform, 1st Grade, garden, writing to inform, leaves, seeds
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