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When teaching this lesson I almost feel like there are two layers to it. We have the conceptual layer of what happens are you throw a rock into the air; this layer does not have any numbers or values attached to it and we are discussing things on a purely conceptual level. The second layer has to do with this specific function and graph; for this layer we discuss the height, velocities, time, etc. While teaching I felt that we kept going back and forth between the two layers. The conceptual layer let us make sense of what we needed to do with the second layer.

For example, once we figured out that the velocity would decrease for the entire path of the ball since gravity was constantly acting on it, we could go back and look at the function and get actual values.

  Two Layers
  Complex Tasks: Two Layers
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The Rock Problem

Unit 13: Limits and Derivatives
Lesson 10 of 13

Objective: SWBAT relate first and second derivatives to velocity and acceleration.

Big Idea: Slopes of tangent lines take on new meaning when given in the context of a falling rock.

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