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My students usually have a tough time remembering what the types of concavity are. Does upward concavity mean that the tangent line is above the curve or that the curve is above the tangent line? To help them remember, I draw an upwards facing parabola. This makes a u-shape and has upward concavity (which starts with the letter u), so we can remember that whenever there is a portion of the curve that makes a u-shape, the concavity will be upwards.

  Remembering Concavity
  Complex Tasks: Remembering Concavity
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The Second Derivative

Unit 13: Limits and Derivatives
Lesson 8 of 13

Objective: SWBAT find inflection points and identify concavity.

Big Idea: Yes, the derivative of the derivative is a real thing and we will use it to further describe functions.

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