Reflection: Standards Alignment Solving Percent Problems (Day 1) - Section 2: Solving Percent Problems


I chose 3 problems that the students had to solve that really made them think.  They were very used to dealing with nice percents (10, 20, 30), so when it came to finding other percents, they had to use their tools strategically (MP 5).  We talked about what it meant to pivot.  I explained that there are times when one tool is not working so well for you and you have to use a different tool to help make sense and meaning to your problem.  These problems really encouraged them to know how to use the different tools available to them.


  Standards Alignment: Problems Explained
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Solving Percent Problems (Day 1)

Unit 3: Ratios and Proportions
Lesson 23 of 25

Objective: SWBAT solve percent word problems.

Big Idea: Solving percent problems using real world scenarios.

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