Reflection: Checks for Understanding Multiplying one digit by two digits using the AREA MODEL - Section 2: Concept development


As you can see in my reflection video, this lesson went much better considering this was the second time through it.  I have a handful of students who are really reluctant to show the area model and want to just use the standard algorithm the way a parent has showed them.  If a student can explain why the shortcut algorithm works, I let him/her use it.  As of today, none of my students can do that. 


Place value is such a key in understanding the algorithm that even the general public doesn't understand.  The area model for multiplication is closely related to the actual computation you perform using the standard algorithm for two-digit multiplication, however without full understanding of what is happening to the digits, students then struggle with more complex problems. The area model is used to lead to the development of the standard algorithm. The algorithm becomes dependent upon each action used with the area model.

Occasionally parents will complain and remind me that the standard algorithm is generally a faster method. I agree with them and explain that unlike the area method, it does not promote understanding or encourage the development of mathematical thinking as well as supporting the important ability to estimate answers.

I mentioned in my video that I wouldn't change anything about this lesson, now that I went back and gave students more time and practice with multiplying by multiples of ten. I did mention that the only thing I wished I had more of is time. My students are getting into a really good groove of math talk, concept development and applying procedures.  Our hour goes by so fast.  If I could design my dream schedule, I would definitively give myself 90 minutes of math every day.

  Much better the second time
  Checks for Understanding: Much better the second time
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Multiplying one digit by two digits using the AREA MODEL

Unit 2: Multiplication with Whole Numbers
Lesson 7 of 22

Objective: SWBAT find products of one digit by two digit multiplication using the area model.

Big Idea: Students make connections between the area model and multiplying by multiples of ten while deepening their understanding of multiplication.

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