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When I taught parametric equations this year, both of my classes thought of a 3-dimensional coordinate system as a way to tackle our original parametric equations problem that had three quantities. So when it came time to actually use 3D coordinates, my students had some background information about how this would work.

Visualizing this system is very difficult, so it was really important to have these 3D models that students could use. Students were constantly using them to decide what octant a point was in or where which plane they were referring to for a specific problem.

  Students Already Thought of This!
  Student Led Inquiry: Students Already Thought of This!
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Distance and Midpoints in 3D

Unit 12: Math in 3D
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Objective: SWBAT find distances and midpoints for 3D coordinates.

Big Idea: Add another dimension to graphing!

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Math, three-dimensional, Geometry, distance formula, midpoint formula, PreCalculus, 3D coordinates, shapes
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3d coordinate system
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