Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Crossing the Snake River - Section 1: Warm up and Partner Introduction


Students came up with several great models, as shown in the student work examples for this warm up. This was my main goal as I want my students to realize there are often different methods to solve problems. Only a few students in each class wrote an equation similar to the work shown in sample 1. Sample 2 shows the most common correct method of solution, which consists of two simple computations.  This particular student also drew a diagram which helped many students. One third to one half of each class made the error of mixing up the order of the computations and ended up with a solution like sample 4.  This lead to excellent discussions on checking the accuracy of a solution (Math Practice 6) from which students adjusted their work similar to sample 3.  

I expected this range of solutions from my classes, however I was very pleased and excited about the great discussions and students' willingness to share this early in the year!

  Diverse Entry Points: Crossing the Snake River Warm Up Reflection
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Crossing the Snake River

Unit 1: Modeling with Expressions and Equations
Lesson 2 of 15

Objective: Students will be able to communicate and experiment in an effort to solve a critical thinking problem.

Big Idea: Establish a classroom atmosphere of perseverance and communication.

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Math, modeling, Algebra, Algebra 2, master teacher project, critical thinking
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