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Students often need additional assistance in writing.  Offering a platform in which they can orally discuss their ideas prior to putting them on paper allows them to identify what it is they are trying to say before they begging writing.  Sometimes the very task of writing is daunting for a child with special needs or language difficulties.  Just by talking them through their response, you can provide them a bit of confidence in their writing skills. Check out Classroom Video: Using Oral Skills to Bridge to Writing Skills to see this strategy in action. 

  Students with Disabilities: Strategies for Success
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Rube Goldberg Engineering Phase 2

Unit 6: Simple Machines
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Objective: SWBAT engineer their machines based on their procedure and design plan. They will also test their machine and propose solutions to any problems they encounter.

Big Idea: Following the engineering plan can be challenging for middle school kids. This project walks them through it step-by-step.

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Science, Simple Machines, STEM, machines, physics
  45 minutes
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