Reflection: Checks for Understanding Science Fair - Writing the Research Report - Section 3: Students in Action


Reading and Writing Literacy are now part of the science curriculum. It is difficult even for the best writers in the language arts classroom to transfer their skills to the science classroom.

In science we are not only helping students become fluent writers but also fluent writers about new science content.

Breaking down the writing process into intermediate deliverables allows me to have multiple opportunities for formative assessment. I need to know how my students are progressing through the writing process as they are working.

I can check student progress at the note-taking task, the graphic organizer task and the transfer to writing blocks task. Each step gives me an opportunity to help and guide the student to the next step. 

Grading a hundred or more writing assignments can be daunting for any educator. The smaller tasks allow me to check student work frequently. I conference with students as they are working in the classroom. When students submit their final draft, I am confident that I am seeing their best work because I have checked the individual tasks during the writing process.

  Breaking Down the Writing Process
  Checks for Understanding: Breaking Down the Writing Process
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Science Fair - Writing the Research Report

Unit 12: Science Fair
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT use their graphic organizers to create a well written research report for science fair.

Big Idea: Help! I have to write a research report for science fair.

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