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In order to develop a classroom culture that encourages student engagement, curiosity, and a desire to understand the world through scientific exploration, I try to always find new and interesting ways to make the learning process exciting. In today's lesson, I could have set out some items on the counter and asked students to observe and measure the physical properties of matter. 

However, by building in a mystery and providing students with secret items, students are naturally engaged and curious! Students can't wait to see what item was in their group's special bag! They also enjoyed keeping their mystery item secret from others. Here, Enaged Students, the students are excited to share the properties that they have identified and the properties they are looking forward to measuring next! 

At the same time, students began wondering what type of matter other groups were hiding! The excitement in the air just keeps building and building! 

  Intrinsic Motivation: Building in a Mystery
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Mystery Matter

Unit 5: Matter
Lesson 1 of 11

Objective: SWBAT observe & measure the properties of matter.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students learn about physical and chemical properties. Then, they observe and measure the physical properties of a mystery item. At the end, students describe the properties of their mystery matter while the class tries to guess what it is!

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