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Adjusting the Lesson 

The best way to perform this lesson is in small group rotations because it allows for more participation.  It would also be interesting to see if all groups get the same results since they may all be placing the weights differently.  I was not able to complete the lesson in groups as I had planned, I had to make an adjustment as we began our first station.  Some boats used almost all of the weights I had so it was not possible to have 5 rotations going at the same time.  Most lessons that are planned as small group lessons can be adjusted to be whole group if need be and visa versa.  

In order to make this whole group activity as effective as possible and keep the students attention, I had to incorporate several classroom management techniques.  I got all students to bring their chairs around one table and bucket of water so we could all watch.  Everyone wanted a chance to add weights to a boat so I continuously reminded them that I was only selecting quiet students who were on task.  I encouraged students to help count which not only helps them stay focused but also provides practice with adding multiples of 50 and 20 in their heads.  


  Adjustments to Practice
  Adjustments to Practice: Adjustments to Practice
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Buoyancy: Testing boats of various materials

Unit 4: Motion, Forces and Interactions
Lesson 5 of 11

Objective: SWBAT determine variables that affect the force of buoyancy.

Big Idea: Students investigate what items will sink and float, and then conduct an experiment to determine which boat,made of various materials, will hold the most weight.

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