Reflection: Intervention and Extension Pulleys - Section 1: Introduction


Pulleys are definitely a hard concept for 5 year-old students to understand and especially to be able to think of real world things that use them.

When taking the students out to the flag pole, I had no idea when I began that the students just assumed the flag was always up there.  They really had not concept of understanding that a person takes the flag down and puts it up every single day.

The excitement and awe that they showed while watching this was fascinating to me.  I absolutely loved the ah-ha moment of seeing these kids realize that a tool was being used to make the flag go up and down.

The higher level thinking was difficult in this lesson so seeing the flag being lowered and raised was a  helpful moment in the lesson for all students.

It was a great teaching moment for me.

  Flag Pole Demonstration
  Intervention and Extension: Flag Pole Demonstration
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Unit 5: Simple Machines
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: Students understand how the pulley functions to make work easier by raising a flag and using a simple pulley in the classroom.

Big Idea: Pulleys help make heavy loads easier to lift.

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Science, Science Skills, machines, physics
  35 minutes
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