Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Wheels and Axels - Section 1: Introduction


I noticed that while the students were engaged in the turn and talk with their table partners, the majority of them were talking about cars, trucks, bikes and other modes of transportation.  I thought it was very interesting that students were unable to expand their thought process or generalize the wheel and axle to things other than automobiles. 

I think that because this tool is called a "wheel" they have a difficult time understanding that a wheel and axle can be found in other things that do not necessarily roll. 

The part that makes this lesson come to life as a teacher is later on in the lesson when students get to see and hear about those other items.  I could see their minds thinking and them finally getting it.  They finally understood that it isn't just cars and trucks that use this tool.


  Turn and Talk
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Turn and Talk
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Wheels and Axels

Unit 5: Simple Machines
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: Students learn the history of wheels and axles and how they can make work easier by watching a video and exploring different types of wheel and axle machines.

Big Idea: Students understand that wheels and axles make certain types of work easier.

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Science, Science Skills, science journals, machines, physics
  45 minutes
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