Reflection: Real World Applications Engineering a Colony on Mars - Section 3: Students in Action


Students often think the real world is only what is happening today. But for them, the real world is the future. We need to help our students develop skills that will help them navigate the world beyond today.

Engineering is a great opportunity to build skill sets students can use in the future. They are using researched based information to design the best solution for a colony on Mars. While they may not be the first settlers on Mars, they can use these skills to design and plan solutions for problems not yet known.

  The Future is the Real World Too!
  Real World Applications: The Future is the Real World Too!
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Engineering a Colony on Mars

Unit 9: Engineering
Lesson 6 of 15

Objective: SWBAT use research about Mars to design colonies for the first settlers of this planet.

Big Idea: Would you like to be among the first humans to live on Mar? Design a colony that would have what you need to survive.

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Science, models, engineering, design
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