Reflection: Accountability How Do Various Professions Relate to Science - Section 5: Wrap Up


Adjustments to Practice to Help Improve the End Product 

I was disappointed in the end products of the PowerPoints that were submitted.  I asked for groups to identify two ways that math and science are used in each of the professions they chose.  Most of the PowerPoints only had one example of how math was used and one for how science was used.  As we went over them I asked the class to name other ways math and science are used and they could name several additional ways.  When groups were questioned on why they didn't include at least two examples they all said there was only one box on the planning sheet for each so they thought they only had to put one.  I read the directions out loud to them which clearly say to include 2 ways math is used and 2 ways science is used.  This is a true example of how students don't always take the time to read directions, they just start working.  

There are a couple of changes that I think I should make to improve the end product when doing this lesson in the future.  One thing I did was revise the planning sheet (Planning Sheet for Profession PowerPoint - revised) so that it now includes numbers 1 and 2 in each square so that it is clear to those visual learners that there should be 2 for each.  I will also make students write the information for each one, even the ones that they already know without researching, so that I can check the planning sheet to ensure they have recorded 2 items for both math and science.  I was not strict with the planning sheet for this lesson, I just provided it as a sheet for taking notes to help them create their PowerPoints.  I now know that if it isn't required to use then it won't get done correctly.  

  Accountability: Improving the End Product
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How Do Various Professions Relate to Science

Unit 5: Earth and Human Activity
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Objective: SWBAT identify at least ten different professions and state how math and science impact each career.

Big Idea: Students work in groups to create a list of at least ten professions and create a PowerPoint to share with the class on how math and science impact each profession.

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Science, Conservation of Energy, Renewable Energy, earth, recycling, community, pollution, resources
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