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Initially, I was a little apprehensive about performing this task with students because I was concerned about how  students might respond to reading obituaries.  However, I decided to go forward with the lesson because I felt that they would benefit from a real-world application of the science of epidemiology.  

So often, students view a science career as only medicine that it's important that they are afforded opportunities to consider the many other science careers that exist.  While this is not a high level epidemiologist activity, it was a chance for them to experiencing using data to draw conclusions about a real-world topic, death rates.  There were a few students who were initially squeamish with the assignment, but after a few minutes they settled into the task and completed the assignment with incident.  I am glad that I offered this assignment to my students as they were able to use science practices in a very different way.

  Real-world application
  Real World Applications: Real-world application
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Population Ecology

Unit 1: Unit 1- Organization and Relationships
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Objective: Students will examine the relationship between population change and environmental conditions.

Big Idea: How fast a population grows is determined by the amount of resources available.

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Science, exponential growth, growth curves, linear growth, logistic growth
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