Reflection: Intervention and Extension Science Fair - Write-it, Do-it (multi-day) - Section 2: Investigation Preparation & Summary


Write-it, Do-It can be adapted for students of any ability. Students needing assistance can build models with only a few materials. The materials can be simple to describe shapes and colors. The shape created can only be simple.

Students who need challenges through extension can use more pieces to build their model. The building shapes can be more complicated as well as the shape created.

In either option, this activity can meet students where they are and advance their skills by implementing increasing complexity.

Reading and writing technical skills will help students in any career or college endeavor. 

  Intervention and Extension
  Intervention and Extension: Intervention and Extension
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Science Fair - Write-it, Do-it (multi-day)

Unit 12: Science Fair
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT write detailed procedures for the assembly of building toys.

Big Idea: Students build the skill set necessary to write detailed procedures for a science experiment.

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