Reflection: High Quality Task Elements Of A Technology System - Section 2: The Marshmallow Challenge


I see this challenge as a high quality task for my students. The marshmallow challenge offers a variety of learning experiences for the whole class where students not only learn about themselves and their thinking, but they learn about their partners as well.

The marshmallow challenge engages students in an experience that gets them thinking about the engineering design process (EDP). My students worked cooperatively to evaluate the resources given, discuss possible design solutions, and then construct and test a model within a time limit. Most students successfully completed these steps while being collaborative and respectful with each other. Success! Goal accomplished! 

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  High Quality Task: The Task
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Elements Of A Technology System

Unit 5: Master Disaster
Lesson 5 of 10

Objective: SWBAT use elements of a technology system to solve a problem.

Big Idea: Teamwork, design, redesign, and testing define elements of a technology system. Testing early and often strengthens student skills and emphasizes creativity, practicality, and collaboration.

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Science, Building Structures, STEM, engineering design process, technology, bridges, disasters
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