Reflection: Rigor What Is A Disaster? (Part 2/2) - Section 2: What Did You Learn?


Listening skills are essential for students to master and are key to successful communication. Listening skills make students better learners and is an important college and career readiness skill.

To encourage and engage students in the presentation process, I ask them to write a response for each group presentation. This makes student accountable for the learning and strengthens their listening skills. I provide a worksheet for students to record their answers using sentence frames. Students are more successful in listening and learning when there is a place to record responses. 

  Listening Skills
  Rigor: Listening Skills
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What Is A Disaster? (Part 2/2)

Unit 5: Master Disaster
Lesson 3 of 10

Objective: SWBAT research and present characteristics of disasters.

Big Idea: Looking at natural disasters, old and new, students collaborate as they research the characteristics of disasters and then share a presentation with their peers.

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Science, Building Structures, technology, bridges, disasters
  40 minutes
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