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KWL Reading Strategy

I want to students to be better readers. I want students to take-away important information from the text. I want students to develop their reading skills. Using a KWL is one instructional strategy to help guide students through a text.

To make the strategy more meaningful, I ask students to write and record their thinking. Students could record their written response on a sheet of paper, a post-it note, or in their journal (notebook). By providing a few minutes for students to process the questions and write a response, students will: understand the purpose of the lesson, access background knowledge about the concept(s), and understand the purpose for reading the text.

I know this strategy is successful when students write thoughtful responses, questions, and comments, and by reading these responses, I get a quick formative assessment of student understanding of the concept(s).

  KWL Reading Strategy
  Rigor: KWL Reading Strategy
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A Man-Made Disaster

Unit 5: Master Disaster
Lesson 1 of 10

Objective: SWBAT read and annotate nonfiction science text.

Big Idea: Learning about disasters will generate interest in solving problems. We examine one disaster to determine what could happen if there were better ways to prevent and respond to it.

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Science, Building Structures, disaster, floods, monsoon, technology, bridges, disasters
  40 minutes
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