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Using the correct vocabulary is important to understanding science concepts, and the vocabulary in genetics can be confusing (See misconception number five). There are several ways to help students learn vocabulary, but one of my go-to methods is using simple note card activities. Sometimes I write terms on a set of note cards and their definitions on another set. I give each student a card and have them find their partner by matching the word to the correct definition. From there I can have them work with that partner on the lesson for the day or have them complete a brief vocabulary activity, such as drawing a picture to represent their word. Students are also able to use the note cards to play review games during their free time.

Another method that I use for vocabulary development is to continue to use the words in class and stop to ask the students to provide a definition. Sometimes I ask for the definition of the same word four times, just to make sure the students are hearing it and thinking about the definition.  

This website includes other examples for reinforcing vocabulary.

  Vocab, Vocab, Vocab
  Continuous Assessment: Vocab, Vocab, Vocab
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Intro to Genetics - Flipped

Unit 4: Genetics
Lesson 2 of 14

Objective: SWBAT identify Mendel's contribution to genetics and explain key genetics terminology.

Big Idea: This lesson incorporates the use of a computer simulation to help students identify patterns of complete dominance inheritance.

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