Reflection: Complex Tasks Science Fair - The Research - Section 2: Investigation Preparation & Summary


Our science fair happens during the first semester each year. I have created several levels of scaffolding for student success especially in the writing process. It is important to take complex tasks and break them down into manageable tasks. Students appreciate the concrete artifacts that signal their progress towards a goal. Teacher appreciate the check points that can serve as a tool to monitor student progress as well.

We will continue to use these same scaffolding strategies through out the school year. My goal is for students to master the art of writing research papers in science. 

With each writing assignment students will be expected to rely on fewer supports as they become fluent in their research and writing.

There is some research that suggests that students who are able to organize the writing process transfer those skills  into their everyday life habits.

Even my high ability students love the scaffolding. One student commented on how she just did not understand the connection between the research and writing steps until now. My on grade level and lower students appreciate the small steps towards success.

  Building Towards Complexity
  Complex Tasks: Building Towards Complexity
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Science Fair - The Research

Unit 12: Science Fair
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Objective: SWBAT to use graphic organizers to help them organize their research in preparation for writing their research report for science fair

Big Idea: I have all of these notes, now what do I do?

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