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Some of my colleagues are not as excited about science journals as I am as a learning tool for my students. They lament that the journals are not well cared for and students often loose them. I do not seem to have as many problems with my students.

I think part of my success with maintaining science journals throughout the school year is the steps we take to make the journal personal. One of those steps is in creating the Preface around a mission patch. The mission patch makes the journal personal to the student. The learning that will be happening in science and recorded in their journal is about their own journey learning and growing in the science classroom.

  Making Learning Personal
  Student Ownership: Making Learning Personal
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Mission Patches

Unit 12: Science Fair
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Objective: SWBAT explain how NASA uses images on mission patches to communicate elements of the flight and create their own mission patches for science class.

Big Idea: Science class is a mission to learn more about your world. Use a mission patch to share some interesting facts about you and what you would like to learn in science

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