Reflection: Student Ownership Going Mental over Percents - Section 3: Mental Math Number Talk


If I teach only one prescribed method for solving a problem then my students have no alternatives when they get stuck. Encouraging multiple methods allows students to choose their tools and to switch gears when they get stuck. Having multiple two methods allows students to verify their answer. When I started encouraging multiple methods my students started taking more ownership and control of their own learning. When they realized I would ask them to explain their thinking they started asking each other to explain. Instead of asking me every question they started asking each other. They also saw questions in general as being opportunities to understand rather than an indication of their own deficiency and so, are more likely to ask for help.

  Student Ownership: Multiple methods are the tools of perseverence
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Going Mental over Percents

Unit 8: Exploring Rational Numbers
Lesson 20 of 20

Objective: Students will be able to explain multiple methods for mental calculation of a percent increase or decrease.

Big Idea: Exposure to multiple methods makes students more flexible and more confident problem solvers, helping them persevere when they get stuck.

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Math, modeling, Number Sense and Operations, context, number talk, mental math, perseverance, percent increase and decrease, percent, calculation strategies, rational numbers
  54 minutes
drawing a model of mental calculation
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