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My students love lessons where there is a connection to the real world. Many of the students have watched crime scene investigation television shows or movies and  know that DNA used as evidence in courts to find and convict criminals.

This lesson extends their thinking to a real world example where the same type of procedure is used to track genetic disorders in families.

The work is challenging. Students have to dig deep and use analytical skills to solve the mystery of inheritance. 

The lesson also helps to address student misconceptions that humans all have different genes.

  Real World Applications
  Real World Applications: Real World Applications
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Finding a Gene on a Chromosome Map

Unit 7: Genetics
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT be able to use a pedigree to explore how genetic scientists use family tree information to track genetic disorders

Big Idea: Which gene is causing the disorder in this family? Learn how geneticists examine DNA to locate a gene responsible for an inherited disorder.

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