Reflection: Student Ownership Using Math to Model the Work-Energy Theorem - Section 4: Team Time on Paper Roller Coaster Design


At this point in the semester, students have created prototypes of emergency shelters, designed labs and have done a series of hands-on labs. With this in mind, I decided to give students so independent time to work in teams on creating a roller coaster model that includes at least one loop, funnel and a drop.

During this portion of the lesson, my classroom looks like a design studio where students are clustered together creating different components of their final roller coaster design. It is one of the few times that my classroom is soundless. I provide students class time for collaboration on their design, however this project is a long-term one and involves lots of independent work. It works for students who are tactile or visual learners.

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Using Math to Model the Work-Energy Theorem

Unit 5: Work and Energy
Lesson 12 of 15

Objective: Students will create a foldable that illustrates a mathematical model for the Work-Energy Theorem.

Big Idea: Work is equivalent to the change in kinetic energy of a system.

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