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At this point in the semester students are comfortable using simulations and WebQuests to investigate physics concepts. WebQuests are attributed to Bernie Dodge and are described as an inquiry-driven project where most of the information that students gather to complete a set of tasks is derived from credible web-based sources. Some of the top reasons to use WebQuests are to facilitate a student-as-researcher mode of learning within a classroom.

During this portion of the lesson, students are in student-as-researcher mode. I was happy to see that many students used to check if a source was credible. I also noticed students using our OpenStax digital textbook and the physics classroom website while constructing explanations of physics concepts. I think WebQuests are useful when there is a wide spread of student levels of understanding like the distribution of content mastery within my classroom. I've noticed that this strategy works for my students because they are able to control the pace of the learning experience.

  Student Led Inquiry: WebQuests
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Roller Coaster Webquest

Unit 5: Work and Energy
Lesson 10 of 15

Objective: Students will conduct a roller coaster Webquest to investigate the conservation of energy.

Big Idea: Roller coasters model the transfer from potential energy to kinetic energy and vice versa throughout the course of a single ride.

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