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My students were completely engaged during this lesson, let me explain why. During this lesson, I could have opted to project the image of the animals on the interactive whiteboard, and then have the students write from their seats, however, I believe that by adding the movement by the groups of going up and closely observing, it added an opportunity for more collaboration within the small group. I am consistent in my rules during any activity that involves moving around the room and "rule breakers" will be asked to sit and observe. I also avoid “taking”  a movement-based activity  as a consequence for other behavioral issues. This activity took approximately 12-15 minutes but it was well worth the time and effort.


  Move, Observe, Write helps students engage.
  Shared Expectations: Move, Observe, Write helps students engage.
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Animal Adaptations, Their Best Defense

Unit 10: Animal Adaptations
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: Determine how a specific inherited trait or adaptation helps an animal survive by observing and discussing in collaborative groups.

Big Idea: All animals have at least one specific trait that helps defend it from predators.

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Science, Collaboration Strategies, small group, carousel strategy, adaptation, animal
  66 minutes
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