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I bet you are asking yourself, do these notebooks hold up for the whole school year?  Maybe I should use composition books instead since they are sturdier.  Yes, composition books are sturdier and have their advantages, but they are smaller.  Smaller books mean smaller papers.  In second grade, many of my students wrote very large at the beginning of the year.  I still have a few kiddos whose handwriting is too large.  So because a spiral notebook has regular-sized paper, using them makes sense.  Plus I got them for pennies at the beginning of the school year, which accounts for a lot!

I am happy to say that the notebooks held up well.  Here is a photo of a typical notebook at the end of the year.  See how well it held up?  Here is another one, too.   The paper you see hanging over the edges is one that wasn't trimmed.  I am so impressed that not even one child had a page that fell out.  I did keep them in a tub when the kiddos were finished so they weren't squished and squashed in a desk, which definitely helped.  The tape on each of the notebooks was still intact at the end of the year, too.  

I also like the way the recording sheets that I have created for my lessons on this website fit in the notebooks.  I just trimmed off two of the sides to make it so the papers wouldn't stick out.  But it wasn't necessary to reduce the size of the recording sheets.  This was a definite advantage.

So am I pleased with my choice of notebooks?  You bet!  I will do it again next year the exact same way.  I've even found some really cool duct tape that was on sale and will be looking for even more through the summer.  Cool looking tape puts smiles on adorable faces and creates happy campers!

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Setting Up an Interactive Science Notebook

Unit 4: The Wonderful Biodiversity of Life
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Objective: The students will set up an interactive science notebook that will be used for collecting notes, gathering information, and showing other data.

Big Idea: Science notebooks rock! We can use them to make connections across all of the units we study throughout the year. But how do you set one up? Read to find out more.

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