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The samples ( student work sample A and student work sample B) provide a picture of what the final machines will look like. Because these students have difficulty completing tasks, I provided them with a simple checklist at the top.  

As the group completes each component, they can check off the box. Or, they can complete their sketch and go back to the checklist to make sure they completed 100% of the tasks assigned. The designs include labels of all materials which helps students to identify exactly what they will need when constructing their machines. 

  Students with Disabilities: Design Sketch Samples
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Rube Goldberg Engineering Phase 1

Unit 6: Simple Machines
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT design a second, official draft of their Rube Goldberg machine based on their initial designs.

Big Idea: Students need a chance to sketch out their plan and create a detailed materials list for their machines. This lesson gives them that opportunity.

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