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When students begin to redesign humanity, they are solely focused on external features and, no matter how many times they are reminded, they completely ignore the internal systems.

I added this lesson to help focus them on this aspect of the project so they make better research decisions and are not floundering with this requirement the day before it is due. The real world connection in the form of the video makes it easier for students to remember to include internal adaptations so they don't fall prey to "out of sight, out of mind".

  Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
  Real World Applications: Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
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Real World Example: Adapting To Extreme Ecosystems

Unit 7: Factors That Drive Evolution
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Objective: SWBAT apply what they learned about the adaptations of the Icefish to their redesign of humanity.

Big Idea: As students work to develop ideas on how humanity will need to change to survive in extreme ecosystems, we look to the icefish for ideas on adapting internal body systems.

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icefish chionodraco hamatus
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