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Even though they regularly present information in front of the class, several of my students get very nervous about these presentations. It is difficult for some of them to speak in front of the class, and the thought of having to answer a tough question in front of everyone makes them even more nervous. On the other hand, it is important to challenge students, so this means really knowing your students when asking questions about presentations.  

I make sure to ask each presenter a question that he/she will have to think about, but can answer successfully. Sometimes students will get a deer in the headlights look or begin to panic after I have asked a question. When this happens, I respond in one of two ways.  First, I tell the student to take a minute to think through the question and that it is okay for them to take the time they need to come up with the answer.  This comment is also my way of informing the audience that they need to be patient and respectful during this process.  

Sometimes, if the student is very nervous, I ask them to look at their project or at me. This diverts their attention away from the twenty-eight other pairs of eyes looking at them. If the student is unable to arrive at the correct answer, I ask scaffolded questions to help him/her arrive at the correct answer. While it requires careful thinking on both your part and the part of the student, once the student has answered the question correctly, s/he will have achieved authentic success and will be more likely to persevere in the future. 

  Challenging Questions
  Accountability: Challenging Questions
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Circulatory System Capstone Project - A 3 Day Event

Unit 6: Circulatory System
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT create a project of their choice to demonstrate their understanding of the functioning circulatory system.

Big Idea: Challenge your students to impress you with their knowledge of the circulatory system.

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Science, Circulatory system, Blood, heart, blood pressure
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