Reflection: Shared Expectations Wrapping up the Acceleration Lab - Section 4: Self-Directed Time: Addressing Individual Needs for the Acceleration Lab


At this moment in the year - late April - a teacher can begin to wonder about his impact on students. Have I established a culture of learning in my classes? Are students capable of self-direction and self-monitoring? These are natural and important questions to ask. Today, I got a bit of an answer: my substitute reported back that both of my sections were engaged and animated. In addition, I received some terrific responses on the challenge ("Pride Points") problem which I review in the video below. 


  Establishing a Sense of Purpose
  Shared Expectations: Establishing a Sense of Purpose
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Wrapping up the Acceleration Lab

Unit 5: Objects in Motion
Lesson 10 of 10

Objective: Students will use the time today to complete any lingering tasks for our acceleration lab.

Big Idea: It takes time to hone in on a targeted acceleration goal; teams of students can benefit from some unstructured time to address their distinct needs.

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